Minuteman Boston Terrier Club

The Boston Terrier- an American Gentleman

Around the year 1865 in the City of Boston, Massachusetts "Great Experiment" was taking place. Some Bostonians who were true dog lovers crossed the English Bulldog and the White English Terrier, and later on, to tone down the Bulldog traits, the French Bulldog. Photos of these first crosses depict dogs that only slightly resembled the present day Boston Terrier.

Years of refinement by the founding fathers eliminated the all white bodies and white splashes, creating a smaller dog with a terrier type body and a bully head. Early Bostons were often called "round heads" and later "bull terriers".

Today three sizes are recognized: Up to 15 pounds; 15 pounds and under 20 pounds, and 20 to 25 pounds.

The American Kennel Club admitted the Boston Terrier to its registry in 1893 and in less than 50 years from its creation the Boston had risen to the Number One dog in the country. Quite an accomplishment!

This smart little dog, a true "American Gentleman", is still winning the hearts of everyone lucky enough to own a Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier is an ideal family pet and is a wonderful companion for the children. You may soon realize that two are even more fun than one. Always comedians, a pair of Bostons will entertain you for hours.

A Boston is a loving, playful, very inquisitive and as we said, "Always good for a laugh!" Highly intelligent and loyal, the Boston will give his family ample warning when strangers are at the door, but he is not a constant yapper. Bostons need one essential element in order to survive, TLC. This spunky American Gentleman thrives on love and attention. Unless you have a heart full of love and time to give him all he needs, then this is not the breed for you.

Be prepared for a Boston curled up on the couch with you, and one who even expects to be taken into your bed at night! After all, they are people too, aren't they?
Bostons require daily exercise but because they are such busy little characters, even an apartment dog will use up lots of energy running from room to room.

This short coated breed is naturally clean with little or no shedding. An occasional bath and frequent nail clipping will keep him spruced up and ready for company.








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